If you are looking to party Playa del Carmen is a great place to go. The 5th avenue "strip" is alive at night and clubs and bars are dotted all along this strip. There is a bar that caters to every taste here so we don't particularly recommend any single club cafe or bar. It does not take long to walk up and down fifth and the many side streets so you can cover a lot of distance in an afternoon doing recognizance, picking the place you would like to visit at night.

You can also easily walk from club to club in the course of a night starting at one end of 5th avenue and ending up at the other end. If you are staying a week that is more than ample time to check out every bar in Playa if you so desire.

Drinking on the street is prohibited, however the police will not harass you if you are under control. If you are carrying a beer and staggering or acting like a goof you will get arrested. You can sit on the curb and drink a beer, casually walk around and most convenient stores sell beer.




Yes there are sports bars in Playa with big-screen TV'S.

ALL major sporting events are broadcast, in English [World Cup Football in Spanish as well].

This includes NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and any and all football [soccer].

Tequila Barrel : 5th Ave. between 10th and 12th St. Popular sports bar on 5th.

The End Zone : 5th Avenue around 14th St. Multiple screens, food, and cold beer 

La Taberna : Located on the corner of 10th Ave. and 4th St. Multiple screens, food, pool-tables and beer.





La Taberna - Corner of Calle4 & 10th Avenue

Tequila Barrel - 5th Avenue between Calle10 & Calle12

Ula Gula - Corner of 5th Avenue & Calle10

La Ranita - Calle10 between 5th & 10th Avenue

Senor Frogs - at the base of the Ferry Dock




Deseo - 5th Avenue between Calle10 & Calle12

Alux Cave - On Juarez Avenue, 3 blocks west of Highway-307

Reina Roja - Calle 20 between 10 and 5 avenue. 

Music & Entertainment Bars

Coco Bongo - corner of 10th Avenue and Calle12. Open bar with regular admission. 

Karen's Pizza - 5th Avenue between Calle2 & Call4




Blue Parrot (Dragon Bar) - Calle12 at the beach. Ladie`s night almost every nights.

Coco Maya - Calle 12 at the beach. Next to Blue Parrot, Dj Marvin will make you dance until the morning light! Ladie`s night almost every nights before 1 am. 

Santanera - Calle 10 with 5ft avenue. Official after-hour.

Mezcalinna - Calle 12. The best place if you like electronic music

Pura Vida - Next to Coco Bongo. Small local bar, where you can enjoy spanish reggae and rock hits. Ladie`s night on Tuesday`s. 

La Vaquita - Calle 12. Mix of spanish and english hits. Ladie`s night almost every nights.

Palazzo - Cale 12. Mix of spanish and english hits. 100% fun guaranteed. Ladie`s night almost every nights.

Lost - Avenida 10 between calle 8 & 10. Ladie`s night on Friday`s. Bikini contest on Wednesady. 



Coco Bongo - If you are looking for wild action you will find it at Coco Bongo. Open bar for everyone with regular admission. 

Blue Parrot - The Blue Parrot is a lively outdoor club/bar with BBQ and lots of action. This club goes after hours and has theme nights as well. 

Alux Cave - This is a good place to go to eat dinner and have a few drinks before heading back to the strip. The club is inside a cave. Located about 5 blocks across the highway on your left on Juarez. It opens at 7:00, the music gets going at 9:00.

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